WELCOME TO Sekisui S-LEC Thailand

Sekisui S-LEC ™ interlayer film is widely used around the world in the production of laminated glass for automotive and architectural use, in order to offer safety, protection against UV rays, acoustic and thermal insulation, among other benefits.

With over 70 years of Sekisui S-LEC film and presence in Thailand over 15 years, SEKISUI S-LEC THAILAND is the undisputed leader of high performance PVB interlayer film for automotive industry providing a wide range of solutions that help laminated glass processors and automotive assemblers to meet the needs not only of the regional market but also of the global market.


We offer innovative solutions for laminated glass used in the automotive industry, such as our "wedge" interlayer film that improves the use of HUD (Head-Up Display) technology while providing acoustic and solar protection.



Sekisui S-LEC interlayer films for laminated glass also offer numerous benefits for the architectural and interior design market that help specialists in this sector meet technical, functional, creative and ecological needs.